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 Fourm Basic Rules

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Fourm Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Fourm Basic Rules   Fourm Basic Rules EmptyFri Sep 05, 2008 6:17 pm

1.Introduce Your Self, Name,Location, City ,Sex web site if you have
2.Do Not Post a link if already Posted their by some One Els,if we (team) Found , You Bannd
3.Do not Use Multiple Accounts in Site, we Tracing ips, if we found same ip , You Banned
4.Use www.tinypic.com for uploading immage, Post immage NoT a Link in web site
5.Use www.virustotal.com for Scanned software and Take a Pic of Scanning here, insert pic of
6.scanned software & insert software pic, Dont Spamm
7.upload your software on 2shared.com 4shared.com or some another good sharing webservice

-------------------------Toss Yahoo Selection Rules-------------------------

(See Your Pm Box For See Threats On Your Account)If you are going to Toss ID in TOss Selection ,
then you have to follow some simple rule
4chr you can toss = 1 id per toss
5Chr you can toss = 5 chr atleast
@rogers.com = 1 id per toss
@sbc.com = 1 id per toss
Bots Toss Atleast 30 idsDash atleast1Undy atleast1
Multi Undy 1 per postEtc....

1) u are allowed to toss only 1 four char id / post
2) u should toss minimum 5 five char ids
3) toss only 1 @ account id / post
4) ur post should be in following style :
5) send id to the winner thru site pm

eg: 4 char id toss
id: fy9n
winner ---------------> 10th post

6) u are allowed to relpy only one time
7) dont spam
8) always ask admin or staffs if u have doubts
Lier or cheater will bann For Ever... No Worning No any Threats
By ~-RULER-~
-------------------------Complain Selection-------------------------
if you won the toss and the tosser is not gona Send You id and PasswordSend Pm To Site Admin (me)
IF You Are Tossing ids , and you not send id to winner which he won, then you are banned-
Why You Are Banned?
We Will Bann You if You not follow Rules?
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Fourm Basic Rules
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